artist, creative directress, non-dabbler, ruthless purveyor of asskickery


Amy Caron is an uber-multidisciplinary artist based in Salt Lake City.  She grew up mainlining maple syrup in picturesque Vermont.  Her father, a former stock car racer, and mother, a shrewd bookkeeper who favors paddle tennis because swearing is allowed on the court, instilled Amy with the qualities of risk-taking, free expression, and determination, which prepared her for life as an artist.

A gifted athlete, Amy spent her formative years excelling in gymnastics and figure skating.  Shortly after she began underage drinking, Amy ditched the candy sports for the pure adrenaline rush of aerial ski jumping and went on to compete at the World Cup level for the US Freestyle Ski Team.  Her training prompted her move to Utah (skier’s mecca) in the early ‘90s.  Thankfully a string of gnarly injuries and mind-altering concussions eventually knocked some sense into her.  She opted to mellow out and convert to contemporary art—a career path sure to be a piece of cake.


Amy’s choreography, theatre, sculpture, large-scale installations, photography, performance art, animation, furniture design, video art, and short films have toured nationally and internationally at museums, galleries, theaters, film festivals, universities, and raw spaces, along with some splendidly dubious venues she will never tell her mother about.  Selected solo exhibitions/residencies include totally legit institutions like Duke University, the University of Utah, and BCA Center.  Amy received a Creation Fund grant from the National Performance Network and gigantic commi$$ions from Performance Space 122 and The Leonardo Museum.  Her work has been shown and recognized everywhere from remote Alaska to cosmopolitan Hong Kong where she won awards (well, one award to be exact).  Described by curators as an artist of  “abnormal ambition,” Amy’s body of work extends from one-minute video art to a massive 4,000 square foot sculpture. 

Amy lived for a time in Brussels and for another time in Shanghai.  She would like to visit Tasmania simply because it's a place that sounds like a state of mind.  The rumors about her dress are true.  And although her hair color remains unstable, Amy is a purist: she cooks only with unsalted butter and believes that margarine is Satan’s lube.


HOLOTYPE: Plastics in Art

Presented by Amanda Sanfilippo on October 2, 2103

The 57th Annual IAPD Convention and Plastics Showcase at Loews Miami Beach Hotel

Miami-based curator and arts administrator Amanda C. Sanfilippo presents a talk about Holotype — the phenomenal sculpture installation by artist Amy Caron that uses plastic as a principle material. Described as “visually stunning,” and featured in Interior Design Magazine, Caron’s massive Holotype demonstrates how her inventive application of plastic serves to broaden public understanding about ecology and inspire meaningful discourse

                                                                          between art and science experts.

Hear how Caron worked with Spartech (PolyOne), Eastman, and Plastic Fabricating in the creation of her artistic designs and enjoy seeing her work first-hand.

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